The kitchens of the future are already being nurtured in the designs of today. Space, functionality and efficiency are all emerging as important trends in the most used room in the home, with island counters and separate kitchen benches highlighting the practicality of this space.

​The move to built-in fridges and an emphasis on vertical storage also reflects the designs that will dominate tomorrow’s kitchens. The overall effect of these designs has been to add more useful cubic space into modern kitchens without crowding the area.

Open plan spaces that blend kitchen and dining areas are also becoming more prominent, removing the need for partitioning walls and freeing up more space.

This integrated approach to kitchen design is having a few surprising effects:

  • Increased kitchen functionality without the need for extra space
  • Affordable custom kitchens are becoming more of an option for each and every home
  • The range of design options has increased enormously, extending custom kitchens to small homes and apartment designs
  • Appliances are being carefully integrated into kitchens, removing the once-necessary balance between having all your cookers and your dream design too

As technologies and designs continue to innovate, so too will the kitchens of the future. Expect integrated appliances, increased automation and kitchens that create space, not restrict it. The good news for consumers is that these designs are already on their way, meaning you can embrace the kitchen of the future today.

The Fun of Choosing Your New Kitchen

​Using 3D rendering software, you can explore your kitchen design choices. Consider different looks like stone, Corian and laminate and think about the layout that will work in your home.

Everyone has special things they like in the kitchen, like their appliances, cookers, ovens and other features. Think about the best ways to incorporate these things and consider what your current kitchen lacks so you can include those features too.

Then there’s the look to consider. Would you like a modern kitchen, defined by shiny surfaces and clean lines? Maybe you prefer a more traditional look or a tasteful balance of both.

With 3D CAD technology, you can see how the design choices work in your space and with your layout. While you’re exploring, you can get some useful guidance from your designers about the best ways to create and use your space.

Your Kitchen Design Experts in Perth

​For residential or commercial building designs in Perth, you can rely on Motivo Design Studio. Specialising in 3D design, we can bring every aspect of your home to life, helping you to design the kitchen of the future. Contact us by phone or complete our online form to request a consultation. The innovative team at Motivo is here to provide any guidance, advice or design services you need.