Upgrading your reception area or waiting room can be an excellent choice for interior design, adding both practical and aesthetic benefits to your business. An upgrade is also a good way to enhance business image and encourage commercial growth.

When considering reception area building design, think about the costs and practicalities for your location. The facilities needed for a GP’s waiting room will be different from those for a corporate office. An accountancy practice might also prefer different aesthetics and amenities for their clients.These issues are straightforward, but it’s a good idea to consider all your design options before making any financial commitment. There are many different options available, so it’s a good idea to explore all your choices.

Breaking down Your Needs

If you’re considering upgrading your business’s public face, you’ll have several basic needs as well as your individual business operational requirements.

These are the factors which affect designs of this type:

  • Cost: A good upgrade can be achieved for a relatively small outlay. Cost can also be offset to a degree by the value that the upgrade provides. New amenities, exterior presentation and branding can all draw customers and clients to your business.
  • Site functionality: Your layout and design will vary according to your needs. Most reception rooms include a common waiting space, a desk, and access to individual rooms like offices and conference spaces. Your site may also include public facilities like washrooms or change rooms, which will also need to be factored into your design.
  • Presentation: Your presentation can be a mix of modern and traditional, or both. When considering your aesthetics, think about:

– Creating a unique space
– Integrating onsite facilities
– Marketing and showcasing your products/services
– Privacy and creating a welcoming environment
– Sales facilities, if appropriate, in the reception space

Why You Need Design Consultants

All of the factors involved in your upgrade will impact your bottom line costs. If you’re renovating a high-value commercial space, there’s no room for error in this department. By engaging design consultants, you can solve all your practical and aesthetic design issues.

Design consultants can:

  • Offer you a very broad range of design choices (Choosing your design can be a lot of fun, too.)
  • Control costs
  • Solve onsite issues like access, amenities and facilities
  • Deliver a full design package on a scalable basis

Looking at Upgrading Your Public Spaces in Perth?

Motivo Design Studio can design the perfect interior for your commercial building. Whether you’re looking to upgrade a waiting room or rebuild a reception area, we provide a full range of design services, including 3D design services.  Give us a call or contact us onlineto arrange a consultation.