Comparing a modern bathrooms in perth to an old-style bathroom design is like comparing a Ferrari to a skateboard. It’s no contest.

Modern bathroom designs are very different from the old, purely functional bathrooms of the past. The new wave in Perth bathroom design represents functionality, high quality and style all in one room.

These new bathroom designs have gone mainstream very quickly. The combination of better amenities and better design is very popular in Australia. Transform you bathroom with Perth’s bathroom design specialists 

Here is how you canrenovate your bathroom and make it more accessible:

Modern Bathrooms Designs Overview

Modern bathrooms designs  are multi functional and significantly bigger spaces. They may incorporate spas, large amounts of storage, multiple design features, and better layouts. Look  at the gallery above, that showcase our latest bathroom designed by our in-house interior bathroom designers  in Osborne Park, servicing Perth locals.

Modern bathroom designs have come hand in hand with upgraded bathroom functions. Improvements include more comfort, more amenities, and a very large range of custom design options according to personal preferences.

The new design features include:

  • Better architectural layouts: Modern bathrooms are designed to deliver large functional spaces with all amenities and aesthetics built in. These layouts include architectural features like better window lighting and separation of bathroom functions.
  • Improved tiles: The new range of bathroom tiles, both for walls and floors, is truly in the designer standard bracket. Modern bathroom tiles are also better than the old-style tiles, including almost seamless grouts that are much easier to clean.
  • Bigger mirrors: Large designer mirrors are both aesthetic and practical. The new “statement” mirrors include a truly vast range of designs.
  • Better cabinets: Undeniably one of the most popular features of modern bathrooms is drastically improved cabinet space. As well as being practical, new bathroom cabinets are also great design features.
  • Bathroom vanities: The old bathroom vanity was famous for being too small and for being the only place to put bathroom essentials. This has now been replaced with much more functional models.
  • Custom design baths and showers: New designer-class baths and showers can be custom made to suit any design criteria. These new baths and showers can be built to match a range of sizes and design choices.

Top Quality Designer Bathrooms Are Accessible for Any Budget

​Quality standards aren’t the only thing that has changed in the world of bathrooms – prices have too.

Modern bathrooms are equipped with what used to be luxuries in affordable price brackets. You can get the best design features for your bathroom at very reasonable prices. This means that upgrading your bathroom to modern standards definitely won’t overstretch your budget.

Thinking of Doing a Major Bathroom Upgrade?

​If you’ve been looking at bathroom design options for your home in Perth, contact your local perth bathroom designers. We can help you from the planning stage through to completion. Give us a call, and let’s discuss your ideas for a beautiful bathroom design with all the modern features you want for your house in Osborne Park and Perth surrounds.