If you’ve been looking at kitchen designs online, you may think that they’re all about looking like a lifestyle magazine. You may have been dazzled by the décor, baffled by the blurb and still no better informed about your actual design choices.

The reality is that there is no limit to modern kitchen design. The global move to custom kitchens is very much based on better design. Modern 3D design, innovation, and talented architects and building designers have been game changers.

Custom design is a practical opportunity to create your own fabulous kitchen, exactly the way you want.

Exploring the Kitchen Design Revolution

Current design trends are revolutionising the kitchen and it’s all based on more and better choices. Imagine your favourite kitchen, a design you’ve always liked. Now add to that all the features that you’d like in a new kitchen. Modern kitchen design can deliver it all for you.

Practical Values in Kitchen Design

One thing that most people overlook is the practical side of kitchen design. A critical part of the modern kitchen design revolution is storage. That’s about as practical as you can get.

How many times have you been in a kitchen where there simply wasn’t enough space? New storage options fit nicely into the open plan approach of modern kitchens. You can quite literally surround your space with all the storage you need.

The storage principle also carries over into much better space management. A seamlessly built-in approach includes things like hidden appliances, which declutter the kitchen by design. In the past, this sort of approach was almost unheard of. People were more used to the conventional kitchen, based around the stove and the sink, not the clean lines and seamless living of modern designs.

Creating a Living Area

The kitchen was seen as more of a workplace than a living space but now all that has changed. Modern kitchens are about living as much as they are about doing and this is reflected in their design.

Where kitchens were once bathed in harsh, drowning light, they are now defined by stylish and practical statement lighting. Use your new lights to highlight the best design features of your kitchen and to provide a warm, subtle ambience that it easy to work in.

Modern kitchens have also become indoor/outdoor spaces, abandoning their cramped, chaotic style. Large windows and generous access to natural light help to create a more welcoming environment.

Couple this with specific zones and your new kitchen will combine openness with order, helping everyone to best utilise the space.

Looking for Top Kitchen Design Choices in Perth?

Motivo Design Studio are modern custom kitchen designers. If you’re looking for design expertise and fabulous kitchen designs in Perth, just talk to us. We’ll be happy to provide all the resources and guidance you need to create your new kitchen. Have a look at the gallery above, that showcase few examples of custom kitchen designed by Motivo Design Studio.