If you’ve been looking at kitchen design trends recently, you’ll have noticed that a few of them are starting to look permanent. A few years ago, they just looked like passing fads, but now they’re everywhere.

Some modern kitchen designs have become so popular that they are now global. These six top tips can help walk you through the process, if you are wanting to update your home and looking for modern kitchen designs. ​
  1. The standalone kitchen bench: One of the most unavoidably noticeable kitchen design trends in Perth is the move to the standalone kitchen bench. These kitchen benches are very popular with architects, too. They double the amount of working kitchen space, provide more storage, and integrate easily with the new open plan and integrated architectural designs.
  2. Two-toned kitchen cabinets: This idea has been around in various forms for a while, but the new two-tone approach is strictly high décor fashion. This very straightforward but good-looking design offers a lot of mixes of two tones that perfectly match the surrounding spaces.
  3. Spacious kitchen drawers: This might not seem like the most important element in kitchen design, but in practical terms, it’s a top priority. Kitchen storage space is a functional essential for a working kitchen. The big new drawers that have become popular have solved the storage problem very elegantly.
  4. Stainless steel appliances: Stainless steel appliances have been around for years, right? Yes, but not as design elements. Stainless steel appliances blend beautifully with just about all the other décor, metal trims, and other design aesthetics. With many new appliances incorporating high-quality design, stainless steel has become an instant design trend for the foreseeable future.
  5. Materials: Kitchen materials, too, have changed dramatically over the years. New materials are design-friendly and in many cases better for their design purpose. Those big stylish granite facings and other surfaces in modern kitchens are no accident.

Looks are only part of the story. These materials are actually much better surfaces for use in kitchens. They’re tough, they’re strong, and they are almost zero maintenance. They don’t add much to budget costs either, another major plus.

  1. Built-in everything: The “Built-in Revolution” in modern kitchens is a direct result of better interior design and better architecture. Modern homes may come in many different sizes, but in any kitchen, space is always at a premium. The solution is, naturally, to have as much built-in space as possible. It reduces clutter, increasing storage space, and looks a lot better than the usual menagerie of bits and pieces around the kitchen.

Looking at a New Kitchen Design for Your Home?

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