Interior design is very much a matter of personal taste. Interior design trends, however, are always worth watching. Some of the newest trends coming on the market include top quality fabrics, new tiles, “statement” mirrors in the bathroom, attention-seeking bedrooms, and bathrooms designed like living spaces.

The good news for consumers is that interior design trends are shaking off the clichés. The new design trends are custom-oriented. Personal taste now has a real voice in design choices, and this is producing some fascinating results.

Modern interior design has undergone a major cultural upheaval. Talk to our Interior Designers team in perth, to  get better custom design ideas, that tells you new ways of approaching interior design. Better still, this new wave of interior design is easily accessible, not just sitting forlornly in lifestyle magazines.

The Latest Interior Design Trends

This is a quick overview of some of the fabulous new interior Commercial and Residential building design ideas coming on the market:

  • Fabrics: Fabrics in interior design are about much more than the upholstery. Fabrics may include beds, curtains, plush services, and other textures. The latest trends are moving to high quality, tough fabrics with that added element of panache and style. You can use colour, motifs, and other fabric options for any purpose throughout your home. Be prepared to explore your options, because there are many great choices coming on the market.


  • Tiles: Tiles are common in a vast range of different interior designs in modern homes. A current trend in tiles is a mix of bigger tiles and the ever-popular handmade tiles, including a broad range of motifs like Spanish, Italian, French, and other classic designs. Expect to find a lot of fascinating choices.


  • Statement mirrors: Statement mirrors are more than just big mirrors. They are very functional and they come in a fascinating range of frames and designs. They are also extremely popular. You can have everything from a beautiful classic rococo mirror to an ultra-modern design.


  • Attention seeking bedrooms:  The attention seeking bedroom is a real design statement. These are bedrooms which have highly individualistic designs. They are often adorned with custom fabrics and have other custom design features built in. They are also a lot of fun, so be sure to check out the latest designs!


  • Big, space-friendly bathrooms: The very latest bathroom designs are reinventing bathrooms as great functional spaces. Forget the old “containerised” designs; these bigger spaces are much more comfortable, and also allow for much better storage options.


  • Modern white kitchens: No, this isn’t a return to the old days of sterile, boring monotone kitchen designs. These are real modern kitchens, with a sleek layout, beautiful built-in amenities, and excellent integration with living spaces.

Residential and Commercial Interior Design 

2016 reflects latest Interior Designs spaces in residential and commercial spaces and business. Interior design projects involves planning a totally new construction, renovating an existing space, or renovation for residential and focusing on government projects for schools, libraries, hospital for commercial.

There are some modern interior trends helping stay nimble with the designs. Interior trends are constantly evolving so the excitement of creating perfect plan for your home often turn into a daunting task.

Explore New Interior Designs for Your Home

If you’d like to discover new interior design choices for your home in Perth, talk to interior designers in perth Motivo Design Studio. We can help you with kitchen and bathroom interior design, and provide any guidance you need for your interior design preferences.