​“Architectural visualisation” is usually sloppily defined as “seeing designs before they’re built”. Architectural visualisation is a lot more than just imagery. It includes a range of design ideas, multiple presentation options, and has a lot of real value for consumers, too, when considering design choices.


Architectural Visualisation Essentials

​Not many people outside the design profession know that visualisation is also a valuable tool for design. Architectural visualisation is used in interior design as a sort of artist’s palette for designers.

The ability to work with “living” designs in progress is critically important when you’re dealing with nuances of design, textures, and presentation values. How many shades of green, for example, could you use in a design for a home exterior? Using architectural visualisation software, you can compare your choices. How do you mix and match interior colour schemes? There are varying levels of complexity, but all require visualisation.

Most importantly, they require accurate visualisation. Modern building materials and design materials come in a truly colossal range of colours, designs, and forms. This huge range of choices, of course, is based on the needs and preferences of clients.

When you’re presenting your design to a client, your design needs to be as accurate as possible. You can see why rendering is so important in practical terms. The visual rendering of the design must be 100% accurate.

Rendering is also a good way of simplifying and improving decision making for clients. Seeing the whole design, in context, and being able to change design elements to taste makes decisions easier.

Both residential building designs and commercial building designs use rendering as a do-everything approach to exterior and interior design. Designers use architectural visualisation as both a practical design tool and as a working method of discussing design choices with clients.

The Huge Positives of Architectural Visualisation

​The payoff in architectural visualisation is better design. If you’ve found yourself unable to avoid noticing the new snappy, chic designs for new homes, this is why. You’re seeing the physical results of architectural visualisation.

Another, much less obvious, value of visualisation is managing costs. Good designers can cost any design down to the last cent. They can accurately price design choices, show you the design in a working model, and stay within your budget. Whether you want a new kitchen design or a whole new home design, there’s no financial guesswork involved.

Dos and Dont’s of Architectural Visualisation

​When talking to a designer:

  • Do ask for a basic design rendering so you can see the core elements of your design.
  • Do get advice and guidance about design choices.
  • Do ask for design alternatives if cost is an issue.
  • DON’T assume you have no choices, even on a low budget. Any good designer will be able to help you manage your costs.

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