​It’s easy to confuse a draftsman with an architect. Both do a lot of work with plans and both are very knowledgeable. In any type of building project, you’ll also deal with both of these experts on a regular basis, meaning it’s important to know the difference between them.

Here’s our quick guide.

Your Architect

​Architects are the strategic creative planners in building design. They create house plans based on a range of factors, from property size to building design type. Your architect can discuss your home design, plan, site considerations, and a full spectrum of home building issues and choices.

Architects are typically used for unique design creation for modern homes. They have a thorough knowledge of building and they work closely with builders and draftsmen on practical issues. Architects are frequently involved in direct construction supervision, acting as an authority for building and other issues.

Your Draftsman

​If the architect is the strategic thinker, the draftsman is the tactician, managing the working plans. Draftsmen do the “forensic” level planning and the technical plans. A single architectural plan can produce a vast array of technical drawings, so this is a very important role.

There is a degree of overlap in the architect’s and the draftsman’s work. The major distinction is that the draftsman does the technical drawing for your plans. The draftsman also does the CAD 3D design plans and other critical design work, based on plan metrics, site measurements and surveys.

Architect and Draftsman, Working Together

​The architect and draftsman work on plans systematically. Both are problem solvers when a plan has issues and they sometimes solve each other’s problems. A draftsman will spot poor or incomplete measurements, for example, and tell the architect. The architect may solve design problems for the draftsman by making a decision to amend a design in consultation with the owners.

How These Experts Help You – True Story

​Your architect and your draftsman are your insurance against construction issues. Consider a short but true architectural horror story to illustrate their roles:

A warehouse in New South Wales was constructed according to old, and as it turned out, inaccurate, plans. Construction went ahead without checking with the architect or the draftsman. The builder was simply told to build as per plan, regardless of his concerns about the site metrics. The result was a 5cm gap between two long brick faces on a 30-metre warehouse.

There was literally nothing in the gap but empty space and you could see daylight through the gap from floor to ceiling. The building was flooded the first time it rained, within days of being built. The very disgruntled builder refused to have anything more to do with the project, so another builder had to be engaged, costing more money.

If these plans were looked at by architects and draftsmen, both parties would have flagged concerns that stopped construction and solved problems before they started.

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