You could be forgiven for thinking that commercial building designs are all pretty much the same. Warehouses, office blocks and shopping malls look similar but nothing could be further from the truth.

In design terms, the resemblance between these buildings is largely cosmetic. This is why it is so important to have a detailed design before choosing your builder.

The Truth behind Commercial Building Design

​You should treat commercial building design in the same way that you treat your business. Focus on specific needs and practical realities to avoid expensive problems in the future.

Looking back at warehouses, office blocks and shopping malls, it’s easy to see how these buildings that “look the same” actually have very specific needs, including:

  • Site size
  • Access for loading, customers, and materials
  • Operational needs
  • OHS and safety planning
  • Zoning constraints on building
  • Parking
  • Plumbing and wiring
  • Internal layouts
  • Onsite amenities
  • Space management needs
​Without a detailed, considered design, you could only get so far into construction before the difficulties set in and your project starts getting unnecessarily expensive.

How Good Building Design Avoids Risk and Adds Value to Your Project

Most architects will tell you that the best way to maximise value for your commercial building project is with a superior design. With the right design, you can improve on space management, add amenities, increase functionality and enhance efficiency and safety.

You can also avoid risks, particularly financial risks caused by inadequate design. For example, a basic warehouse design would consider:

  • Goods movement
  • Auto pick facilities
  • Onsite cubic space
  • Despatch and delivery space with handling gear
  • Site access for transport
  • Good loading and unloading space metrics
  • Security
  • Storage space

This type of design makes good use of every cubic metre of space to deliver the best commercial return on investment.

Similar design considerations apply to other types of business spaces, like retail spaces in a shopping mall. A good layout and design will create a lot of functional retail space and you can design each shop with plenty of room for storage, business operations and customer amenities.

Commercial Building Design and Tenant Needs

​In the commercial building sector, the golden rule is that your building’s value and revenue directly relate to your tenants. Retailers love functional, well laid out designs that improve their own business.

The good news for commercial building owners is that modern 3D rendering allows for excellent planning and case-specific designs to add extra value. Discuss your needs with your designer and see how modern design can save you money and deliver a great building design.

Ask Motivo Design about Your Commercial Building Design

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