Commercial Design

Motive Design Studio is your local specialist in commercial design in Perth. Our commercial design service utilises top-of-the-line 3D technology that will let you walk through space before it is built. We provide commercial building designs for all kinds of business, including:

picture of a counter in a shop

Multi-story mixed-use developments
+ Car dealerships
+​ The hospitality and retail industries
+​ 3D building designs

+Retail Industries
+Industrial Development
+ Offices
Warehouse and Industrial Design


Motivo Design Studio provides a full suite of design services for commercial buildings, from inception through all stages of planning to completion. Our services are fully scalable, from major construction projects to renovations, upgrades and premises modernisation, according to your needs.

If you’re trying to find top-quality designers with all the latest modelling tools for your project in Perth, talk to us. Our highly experienced team can assist you with all aspects of commercial building design and provide endless inspiration for your office.

Motivo Design Studio can fulfil your on-site design needs and planning requirements, including drafting and CAD services.

Swan Bullion commercial design in Perth
Tea & coffee merchant cafe design in Perth


We specialise in complex, modern commercial designs incorporating these needs. See our projects page for examples of some of our current work.

Speak to our experts about your project and discuss your ideas in detail. We can provide a complete range of services as required. We also offer our 3D rendering, commercial artwork and commercial development information services and materials according to your needs.

  • Extensive office spaces
  • Car park
  • On-site loading and unloading facilities
  • Catering facilities
  • Child care or other on-site care facilities
  • A mix of business, professional and/or retail spaces
  • On-site kitchens and bathrooms or public facilities
picture of a shop taken from inside
picture of a gym interior with equipments


To find out more about our services and to arrange for a consultation, you can contact us on 08 9204 5090 (during business hours). Alternatively, you can use our online contact form to contact us and set up a meeting with our designers. We’re happy to provide any and all services you require.