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Do I Need to Have a Design in Mind Prior to Finding a Builder?

You could be forgiven for thinking that commercial building designs are all pretty much the same. Warehouses, office blocks and shopping malls look similar but nothing could be further from the truth. In design terms, the resemblance between these buildings is largely cosmetic. This is why it is so important to have a detailed [...]

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3D CAD – Combining Your Dream & Our Design

At Motivo Design Studio, it’s our job to help you achieve your dreams through innovative design. We work across residential and commercial projects and we pride ourselves on helping you make your dream property a reality. We’d like to explain how you can get the home or office of your dreams through modern design. [...]

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Draftsman vs Architect – Do You Know the Difference?

​It’s easy to confuse a draftsman with an architect. Both do a lot of work with plans and both are very knowledgeable. In any type of building project, you’ll also deal with both of these experts on a regular basis, meaning it’s important to know the difference between them. Here’s our quick guide. ​ [...]

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Make Your Bathroom Design More Accessible

Comparing a modern bathrooms in perth to an old-style bathroom design is like comparing a Ferrari to a skateboard. It’s no contest. Modern bathroom designs are very different from the old, purely functional bathrooms of the past. The new wave in Perth bathroom design represents functionality, high quality and style all in one room. These new bathroom [...]

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Kitchen Design Trends that here to stay

If you’ve been looking at kitchen design trends recently, you’ll have noticed that a few of them are starting to look permanent. A few years ago, they just looked like passing fads, but now they’re everywhere. Some modern kitchen designs have become so popular that they are now global. These six top tips can help walk [...]

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Interior Design Trends and Ideas

Interior design is very much a matter of personal taste. Interior design trends, however, are always worth watching. Some of the newest trends coming on the market include top quality fabrics, new tiles, “statement” mirrors in the bathroom, attention-seeking bedrooms, and bathrooms designed like living spaces. The good news for consumers is that interior [...]

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The Latest Kitchen Colour Trends

​The latest kitchen colour trends and designs are an interesting mix of old and new ideas. In general, the overall trend is to create a blend of neutral, natural, and decorative colour features. New kitchen design layouts have a lot to do with these trends. The streamlined modern kitchen designs offers a lot of possibilities and excellent [...]

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5 Design Tips to Transform Any House Plan

If you’re looking at building a new home, you may have some issues with house plans. Is your plan really what you want? If you’re tired of looking at house plans and getting nowhere, then we’ve got good news for you. It’s easy to get almost any design you want. You can opt for the latest [...]

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Love Living in Your Kitchen

If you’ve been looking at kitchen designs online, you may think that they’re all about looking like a lifestyle magazine. You may have been dazzled by the décor, baffled by the blurb and still no better informed about your actual design choices. The reality is that there is no limit to modern kitchen design. The [...]

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2016’s Hottest Architectural Trends

From cutting edge condos to skyscrapers with rotating floors, the hottest architectural trends of this year are nothing short of spectacular. They’re modern, energy smart, and technologically advanced. Let’s keep an eye at what some of the most talented architects and designers are working on in 2016. ​ Bathrooms of the Future Modern lifestyles [...]

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