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3D Rendering: A Brief Explanation

​3D rendering, as the name suggests, is a 3D version of graphic art derived from a design. Architectural and interior design 3D rendering are typically based on CAD software, translating plans in to images and even virtual reality shows. 3D rendering is now universal in the building design and interior design markets. If you click on a site which [...]

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Importance of Architectural Visualisation

​“Architectural visualisation” is usually sloppily defined as “seeing designs before they’re built”. Architectural visualisation is a lot more than just imagery. It includes a range of design ideas, multiple presentation options, and has a lot of real value for consumers, too, when considering design choices.   Architectural Visualisation Essentials ​Not many people [...]

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How 3D Rendering has Revolutionised Interior Design

Anyone who’s ever worked in design will tell you that the mainstream design market has a bad habit of being about 20 years behind the designers. That was the case with 3D rendering. Bizarre as it may seem, 3D rendering wasn’t exactly welcomed by the design industry when it began. It was definitely not seen [...]

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How to Find the Right Designers for Your New Home

​If you’re looking for a building designer for your new home, you may find yourself with an unexpectedly steep learning curve. The first part of this learning curve is finding the experts who can deliver the design you want. The second part is finding professionals who can explain the design process and your choices. Good communication [...]

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Is Grey the New White for Bathroom Neutrals?

If you’ve been looking at bathroom designs recently, you will have noticed that neutral tones, particularly greys, are very common. There’s a good reason for this move away from the old white standard colour scheme in bathrooms. Keep reading to find out why grey is the new white and to get some great bathroom advice. The [...]

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Be Smart about Office Renovation

“Do we really need to renovate?” This is the common cry of many business managers and the answer to this question is invariably yes. Sooner or later, every office will need renovating and the later you leave it, the more likely it is to cost. On top of this, a smart office renovation could [...]

What Does the Future of Kitchen Design Look Like?

The kitchens of the future are already being nurtured in the designs of today. Space, functionality and efficiency are all emerging as important trends in the most used room in the home, with island counters and separate kitchen benches highlighting the practicality of this space. ​The move to built-in fridges and an emphasis on vertical storage [...]

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Inspirational Interior Ideas for Your Office

Have you ever visited an office that has that real “wow” factor? These offices are more than just elegant designs and practical spaces. They send a message of professionalism, confidence and success and they project these values onto clients and staff. The most inspirational offices make a statement about their business and they encourage [...]

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Welcome Your Guests with a New Design for Your Waiting Room

Upgrading your reception area or waiting room can be an excellent choice for interior design, adding both practical and aesthetic benefits to your business. An upgrade is also a good way to enhance business image and encourage commercial growth. ​ When considering reception area building design, think about the costs and practicalities for your location. [...]

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8 Reasons Why You Should Redesign Your Building in 2017

Redesigning your building can be an exceptionally good move and while it may seem expensive, it can actually make you money and avoid major renovation expenses. The key to success is in the design process and the design you choose. A redesign offers the opportunity to increase the value of your premises, solve onsite [...]

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