“Do we really need to renovate?”

This is the common cry of many business managers and the answer to this question is invariably yes. Sooner or later, every office will need renovating and the later you leave it, the more likely it is to cost. On top of this, a smart office renovation could actually deliver incredible long-term value to your business, from the productivity of your team to the value of your building.So, how exactly do you approach a smart office renovation and how to you avoid design pitfalls?

The Business of Business Renovations

​Renovations are much more than just cosmetic changes to your building. They can also add real value to your office space.

By renovating your office, you can achieve:

  • Improved and increased office space and amenities
  • Additional operational areas
  • Better dollar value for expensive office space
  • Updating old spaces for current needs
  • Removing old, outdated features and fittings

The cosmetic aspect of your business is also important. A renovation can project a much stronger image for your business, adding credibility, professionalism and an innovative streak to your operations.

The Smart Approach

Here is a simple process to make your renovations both practical and cash-flow friendly:

  • Contact professional designers to spearhead your renovation: By choosing the professionals, you are investing in an effective renovation that matches your budget. Your designers can work with any style or scale of renovation, helping you to control costs and perfect your design.
  • Control your renovation with CAD: 3D CAD technology is here to help you visualise your design and office upgrade choices. You can create and change your office design, creating a virtual tour that you can present to staff, colleagues and stakeholders. Show them how you can redesign your office to deliver more services, more revenue and more market reach. Work with your designs to explore new designs, practical decor and functional space.

Finding the Right Designers

​The other major issue for businesses is getting the design services they need. Good designers will know the priorities of your business and know how to manage costs, meaning you won’t spend a cent extra to achieve your ideal design.

Motivo Design Studio – Your Office Renovation Specialists

Motivo Design Studio has a long track record creating innovative and modern office designs. We work to deliver practical office renovations on a cost-friendly, high-quality basis. Using 3D rendering and the latest CAD technologies, we deliver superior designs that you can view and present to stakeholders. If you’d like to ask about our office renovation services,contact us by phone or get in touch online. Speak to one of our consultants about your renovation needs and achieving a superior design.