Redesigning your building can be an exceptionally good move and while it may seem expensive, it can actually make you money and avoid major renovation expenses. The key to success is in the design process and the design you choose. A redesign offers the opportunity to increase the value of your premises, solve onsite issues, and re-define your asset in the market.

Redesigning can be a major business opportunity. We’re going to show you how it works and how to recognise great opportunities for a building redesign.

The Key to Your Redesign

The best way to illustrate the value of a redesign is to consider some of the things you have already been thinking about:

  1. Does your building have old, “dead” spaces that aren’t used much? Redesigning can free up these spaces and add functional value to your business. It might also provide much-needed extra space for areas that have become cramped and impractical.
  2. Do you need to consolidate spaces? You can combine spaces together without excessive costs and you can even incorporate a new layout.
  3. Do you want to upgrade your interior? This is potentially a very valuable option. Upgrading can add value and appeal for new tenants. As mentioned above, this is also a great opportunity to improve the way you use your space.

Your Redesign Budget: Can It Be Cost-Positive?

It’s true: with professional guidance and proper costing, you can actually make money out of a redesign.

Here are some ways your redesign can be cost-positive:

  1. Value adding upgrades, like new spaces, add value to any business premises. New spaces can be leased or even sub-leased.
  2. New spaces can deliver new revenue. Redesigning a larger space into smaller spaces can also work. For example, achieve 3x the original net revenue by creating two new spaces.
  3. Redesigning and design upgrades add overall value to the building as a whole.
  4. Redesigns can save you more expensive upgrades later and avoid ongoing maintenance costs for older buildings.
  5. A redesign doesn’t have to be particularly expensive. You can even budget progressive upgrades to control outlay. ​

The Easy Way to Redesign

​To manage costs, see all the options, and get accurate evaluations for your redesign, engage a design firm. Commercial designers can provide multiple options and deliver custom choices for a redesign that meet your costs and your upgrade criteria.

Thinking about Re-Design in Perth? Talk to Motivo Design Studio

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