Any designer will tell you that you shouldn’t commit to a project or design before you’ve had it properly costed. This advice isn’t just professional ethics at work; it’s a very practical approach to getting the best value for your design or renovation work.

The fact is that many people blunder into design and renovation projects, particularly when it comes to cost. They assume, naively, that money will solve any problems. But rather than solving your problems, throwing money at a design or renovation can actually make things worse, simply leading to more expensive problems.

Cost Effective Design & Renovation Principles

​To get your building and renovation budget right, you need to consider it from the very beginning. This is the approach that a professional designer will take. Starting with a basic layout, a professional can build out an integrated design, ensuring that everything you want is accounted for at the design stage.

Using technology like 3D rendering, your designer can cost everything, literally down to the last cent. This software is so good that you can cost a single weld in a skyscraper, with all the design metrics. Your designer will be able to track costs very efficiently using 3D rendering technology.

7 Tips for Design & Renovation Cost Savings


  1. Get a designer: A professional designer will save you money, keeping your costs on track and within your budget from day one. A designer will also know how to source the right local services for you, helping you win the cost war before you start.
  2. Site management: Evaluate your space for both design and value-adding purposes. By thoroughly considering your space, you can create the ideal design and avoid costly errors.
  3. Layout: The next step is to choose a layout. This plan is a foundation for your design. A designer will give you a basic layout to work with and help you to visualise your design choices.
  4. Start costing with your basic design materials: What materials do you want to use and where? Different materials mean different costs, so choose your materials with this in mind. Focus on energy efficiency to future-proof your design and control your living costs.
  5. Cabinets and amenities: Choose a custom design and installation from the very beginning. This will avoid possible issues from the outset and ensure better design values.
  6. Installation costs: Nail down your installation costs with help from your designer.
  7. You can afford the best: With advice from a professional designer, you will be able to balance the best layout and materials. In the end, the best designs will also pay for themselves in the added value they provide.

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