From cutting edge condos to skyscrapers with rotating floors, the hottest architectural trends of this year are nothing short of spectacular. They’re modern, energy smart, and technologically advanced. Let’s keep an eye at what some of the most talented architects and designers are working on in 2016.

Bathrooms of the Future

Modern lifestyles are defining the future of residential architectural designs. As people’s lives get busier, they’re looking for solutions that will help them unwind after a long hard day’s work. Home spas are the answer. These wellness retreats are one of the latest trends that are turning heads. More than just bathrooms, these spacious rooms feature plush designs, warm interiors, clean lines, and bathtubs fit for kings. Moreover, they’re sustainable designs that protect the ecosystem. There’s no doubt we’re going to see more of these beautifully bathroom designs master spas on floor plans in 2016.

Cleaner Kitchens

​Thinking of buying a new glass splashback or a few stainless steel appliances? Stop. The latest kitchen designs are all about the use of fresh materials, two contrasting colours, and technology. Scratch-resistant porcelain countertops, tiled splashbacks, handle-less cabinets, and water repelling sinks made with Tectonite are some of the newest additions to modern kitchens.

We’re also going to see functional and aesthetically 2016 appealing kitchen designs in perth. Homeowners love open plan kitchens that blend into the living room. It gives parents an opportunity to interact with the kids while getting meals ready. Modern kitchens also feature wireless device charging stations. The transmitters are cleverly concealed under countertops so there’s no need for messy cables anymore.

Urban Renewal Projects

Some of the latest urban renewal projects in various cities including Perth across Australia are designed keeping future generations in mind. They’re going to be a mix of cultural spaces, heritage listed buildings and contemporary architectural designs. One of the latest building design projects worth mentioning is the proposed vertical school in south Melbourne designed by the renowned Hayball architects. The multi-storied building will feature innovative classroom designs, flexible indoor/outdoor spaces and community facilities.

High rise schools are the latest solution to densely populated urban areas in Perth, Western Australia. These schools will feature state-of-the-art teaching aids, rooftop playgrounds, and work areas with stellar views.

Custom-made Houses/Renovations

This term can be applied to new homes or renovation projects where innovative new designs reflect the home owner’s personality that complements their lifestyle. Whether you’re building a brand new house, reconstructing your room, or want a fresh look for an oft-use space, check out these bathroom, kitchen and building trends to inspire your own appealing home updates.

Small or budget friendly cocktail bars, quiet rooms, walk-in closets, open floor plans, statement mirrors in bathrooms, attention seeking bedrooms and large walk- in showers are just some of the in-demand bespoke inclusions homeowners are looking for.

A top 2016 remodelling design trend is adding a creative spin on a living room not worrying about standard design rules. That may equal a pop of ornate chandeliers in a bath, an unexpected showstopper graphic wallpaper by a staircase, or a barely there kitchen layout

There’s a big demand for these newest customisation trends, so we look forward to seeing a lot more of them in the next half of 2016.

Latest Perth Interior design trends!

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